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A couple of things before you proceed. This chapter contains mature content…. skip to the next chapter if it is not age appropriate for you, or if it is something you prefer not reading.

This is also the first time I have attempted to write a scene this steamy… not sure if I will do it again… and to be honest, I am a little nervous about it.

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Kaitlyn’s heart was thumping wildly in her chest as Murphy slanted his mouth possessively over hers and continued his assault on her swollen lips. He had managed to secure her hands over her head so that she was unable to touch him. Her frustration was evident with each failed attempt to release herself from his grip.

Blood was humming in her veins and she was a woman possessed as she returned his passion. Her entire existence was now centred on this one man and the unadulterated pleasure he was capable of eliciting with the simple act of a kiss.

Disappointment welled as she felt him pull away leaving a cold chill without his nearness. She opened her eyes to see his face looming over her, his ebony eyes twinkled and his lips curled into a smile. Kaitlyn’s breath hitched at the sight. She had never considered Murphy beautiful before. Rugged, manly, handsome – yes. But beautiful had never been a term she would ever have associated him with. However, right now at this moment, it was the only adjective that could possibly describe his silhouette.

His face had taken on a boyish charm and he reminded her of a child in a candy store with the greedy way his gaze raked over her body.

“You will leave your arms where they are,” he growled as he let go of her pinned limbs and towered above her as he straddled her thighs. Murphy was still fully clothed which only further frustrated her. She ached to touch him, to reach out and release the last two buttons on his shirt she had not yet gotten to. Kaitlyn made a movement to bring her arms up from where they were.  His resulting low growl quickly put an end to that train of thought. A ripple of excitement sent tremors throughout her body at the way in which her body deferred to his.

With agonising slowness, he bent down and began a series of sensual kisses and licks along her slender neck. Her breathing became laboured with each nip he inflicted on her now sensitive skin. Murphy’s stubble only adding to the heightening of her senses.

He sat back up and began to unbutton her jeans. Within a moment, he had shimmied them off of her so that she lay on the bed clad only in bra and panties. The predatorial way in which he crawled back up the bed towards her both frightened and exhilarated her. His greedy gaze travelled over her exposed body and she felt another stab of desire erupt at his scrutiny. “Kaitlyn,” he whispered huskily before his hands began a frantic trail across her body.

She could feel his intense study of her pebbled buds trapped by black lace. She inhaled sharply as he bent his head and sucked on a peak through the material, teasing it mercilessly while his hand moved to cup her other breast and knead it in his large hands. Kaitlyn wanted nothing more than to reach out and anchor herself to him. With the restrictions placed upon her, her only recourse was to arch her back and let out a low moan of pleasure.

Her response only served to inflame him and before she knew what had happened, he had removed her bra, placed her hands to their previous position and begun to suckle her ripe buds harder, this time with more urgency. Her other breast was not left unattended, as his hand began to pull and tug on her other stiff peak, sending a hum of pleasure as his agile fingers fondled and took control of her body.

He bathed her nipple gently and then trailed his mouth over to her other breast and began to suck and nip her succulent flesh with relish. She felt him groan against her aroused and receptive skin as his hand slid down over her taut stomach. A trail of fire followed the path of his fingers. She felt him slide under her flimsy panties and lightly cup her soft mound before slithering further down into her silky folds. His stroking fingers matched that of his tongue which had continued its slow torture.

Kaitlyn wasn’t sure how much more she could take of this. She was shuddering with desire and her need was escalating with each touch, each thrust of his tongue against her body. She was finding it hard to think straight. Her entire being was centred on this man who was playing her body like a master. She needed to touch him, to taste him, to feel him filling her. To sate the thirst that she knew only he could quench.

Her body was so far gone that she failed to notice that he had moved lower down the bed. The feel of his lips on her inner thigh was nearly her annihilation as further tremors rose in the wake of his feathery light kisses on her sensitive flesh.


The hot spicy aroma of her arousal assaulted Murphy’s nostril, and the combination of her musky scent was almost his undoing. He wanted to-needed to- take this slowly. His resolve was wavering with each moan from her lips. He knew the moment she touched him would be his downfall and any ability to restrain himself from appeasing his hunger would be forfeited.

Not able to hold back, he disposed of her last remaining item of clothing in an instant. An urgent need pressed at him and he became even harder if that was possible. Her silky smooth skin was perfection. It tasted more divine than any of his tortured dreams had eluded to.

Burying his face in her slick heat he inhaled her essence and molten lava ripped through his body. With more will than he thought he had, Murphy moved back up Kaitlyn’s body and reclaimed her mouth. His tongue skimmed her trembling lips before she took control of the kiss and deepened the contact.

Of its own accord, his fingers travelled her length and dipped between her thighs. He groaned into her mouth. She was so wet, so aroused that he knew she would quickly achieve the first of the many climaxes he intended to give her. His fingers dipped deeper and he slipped two of them into her silken folds.

Her reaction was immediate and she cried out as her hips bucked to meet him. Her ability to hold back from him snapped and he felt her hands clutching frantically at his shirt as she undulated and whimpered against him.

Máthairdhia, she was so tight despite her wetness, which only made his head spin and body tremble further.

“Oh, my God, don’t stop,” Kaitlyn cried out as she thrust against the steady rhythm of his fingers.

Her hands now threaded into his hair to hold his mouth to the breast that he had begun feasting on. Kaitlyn’s sharp intake of breath and tensed muscles told him she was close. He pulled away from her to watch her face as she gave in and her body spasmed in pleasure. Her eyes rolled back as her body arched upwards as if electric currents were shooting throughout her body. She then closed them in rapture, as her entire body quivered violently. Murphy could feel her throbbing subside as he slowed his pace to extend the pleasure of the apex she had ascended to.  Her scent was rising to torment him, and his body was straining against the tightness of his jeans.

Once she was capable, Kaitlyn lay back on the bed and her smouldering eyes drew him in. Her beauty took his breath away. Her lips were swollen and parted, the heady flush of the aftermath of passion tinged her cheeks as her breasts heaved with her laboured breathing. She was magnificent and his entire being was focused on only one thing. To pleasure her. His needs could come second.

Kaitlyn lazily raked her gaze over his body. “I think you’re a little-overdressed don’t you?”

Murphy didn’t need to be told twice and Kaitlyn watched ravenously as he peeled off his clothes and returned to her. “My turn,” she cried with a saucy grin as she pushed him down on the bed and straddled him.

He nearly spilt himself as she pressed herself against his arousal and began licking and nipping at his tiny peaks. The heady shot of pleasure that rocketed from his chest to his groin only enhanced his awareness of how close he was to her delights. Her still weeping core only adding to their intimacy.

Once she had finished feasting on his now painfully erect nipples, she made her way back up his body and he welcome her with an open-mouthed kiss that only served to drug them further. The vortex of powerful sensations that were firing with each contact his skin made with her was pulsing through his body.

He threaded his fingers through her mass of curls and he looked into her passion filled eyes. “Has anyone told you how wonderful you smell?” he said hoarsely, his voice not entirely steady with the physical restraint required to hold himself back from claiming her body.

Murphy savoured her brazen grin as she sat back up and cupped her breasts teasingly as she undulated her hips over his throbbing shaft. With painful slowness she raised herself higher to free him, he reared hot and hard against her. Positioning herself, Kaitlyn locked her gaze with his, her expression unreadable as she reached down and moved him into place at her opening.

His nerves were stretched taut as he controlled his reckless savage lust to enter her. He knew she needed to set the pace. He had given control to her and wasn’t about to destroy that trust.

With hooded eyes, he watched as she hauled in a breath and tensed as she slowly lowered herself. They cried out in unison as the head of his staff nudged her opening and eased its way in. Her eyes widened as her body slowly stretched to accommodate his girth. Her liquid heat scalding him to the point that he was in pain from the pleasure. Murphy clenched his jaw, his teeth grinding together. He needed to be seated inside her so badly.

Once she had finally taken him to the hilt, Kaitlyn leaned forward giving him access to her ripe bosoms and began to slowly ride him.

With each long slow stroke of delight, Murphy’s resolve unravelled. Beads of sweat broke out as he held himself back from taking control. He moaned, this time a mix of torture and pleasure escaped his lips from the depths of his soul.

His burgeoning frenzy must have been evident when Kaitlyn’s impish grin took in his strained expression. She leaned down and brought her mouth to his ear. Her hot breath fanned his face. “Take me,” she whispered in a low sultry voice.

Not having to be told twice, he had flipped their positions, not once removing himself from her folds in a heartbeat. He pressed her back and took his fill as he thrust himself in and out of her slick heat. Each moan of desire from her lips only further made him more rigid and engorged, quickening his fervor and power behind his strokes as he brought them to the brink of pleasure and back before they could achieve oblivion.

“God, I can’t take much more of this,” Kaitlyn groaned in ecstasy as he withdrew and slid home again for the third time.

Murphy chuckled “God has nothing to do with it.”

He thrust up harder and pulled on her hips as he increased the tempo, pushing them towards the release they so desperately needed. Kaitlyn matched his movements which only further added to his need for release. Her moans turned into sharp cries, until finally, she cried out his name as he pounded into her hard and fast, pushing them towards the precipice. Murphy was unable to hold back any longer and was thankful when he could feel the tightening of her body and the frantic movements against him.

His only thought was of the woman beneath him as she thrashed her head from side to side and stiffened beneath him. Her muscles clenched him painfully as her climax ripped through her body at the same moment he erupted in full force, their apex seemed to last an eternity. Murphy’s body shook with the physical pleasure as she milked him dry. Their combined scent only adding to his euphoria.

Kaitlyn groaned softly as he sunk to the bed beside her. As he did, his hands reached out and began to stroke her body which was damp with perspiration as a result of their exertion. With each trail his fingers made, he could feel her tremble at his touch.

“What?” Kaitlyn asked after noticing a strange expression that had fleeted across his face.

Murphy frowned. Not sure why the thought had popped into his head. “I don’t want you near Pilkington.”

Kaitlyn stiffened. “Why?”

“I don’t know. I just don’t,” he replied honestly.

He felt exposed underneath her pointed scrutiny as she continued to stare at him. He hated he couldn’t read her at this moment to give him an indication of what she was thinking.

After what seemed an eternity Kaitlyn visibly relaxed. “Okay.”

Desire raged through his body at the simple word, and he leaned over and claimed her in a long liquid kiss that ignited them both.

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